Sierra Nevada Hearing Aid Center provides those with hearing challenges the expertise of a seasoned
doctor of audiology along with state of the art technology – all in a compassionate and welcoming
environment. Don’t entrust your hearing to a big box store. Get the care and attention you deserve.

Sierra Nevada Hearing Aid Center
Sierra Nevada Hearing Aid Center


children speech impediment

As children grow, there are typical milestones in their development that parents and physicians look for to indicate a “normal” development trajectory.

Hearing test

The last major innovation in hearing technology occurred in 1985 when the cochlear implant — designed for children born with hereditary hearing loss — was developed. In the decades since, we have seen only incremental improvements on existing hearing technology, but big change is on the horizon.

celebrities with hearing aids

Some stars have taken a public stand on their hearing loss and their use of hearing aids, even advocating for hearing health, disease research or other causes related to hearing loss. Other celebrities prefer to maintain a low profile and the public is unaware that these public figures have any hearing challenges.